Certificate of Authenticity 

A Certificate of Authenticity can be delivered for a work whose origin is established and after sending HR photos, double-sided, to our studio for validation and registration for the purpose of the future catalogue raisonné.

We do not issue certificate for editions, due to their large number.

For other works, we charge 1000 € for the certificates. For this payment, two options are possible:

Either a simple transfer against invoice, addressed to the Morellet Endowment Fund (for all requests coming from abroad).

Or a transfer to the Morellet Endowment Fund,  a non-profit organization (*). In this case, for each donation we will provide receipts to be used for tax purposes as applicable by law (to be favored for all requests coming from France) .

As soon as the payment is received, the requested certificate is sent by paper mail.

(*) The Morellet Endowment Fund is a non-profit organization formed in 2019 to ensure the preservation, dissemination and promotion of the work of François Morellet. Its primary mission is to support the research necessary for the production and publication of a catalogue raisonné.

To contact us, please email: